Fire Starter Cage


Are you unable to light your fireplace, BBQ, firepit or pizza oven? Is your living room filled with smoke or do you smoke your neighbours out of their garden? Do you use piles of newspaper and an endless number of firelighters and still no fire? If so, you need the Blazaball Fire Starter Cage. The secret of the Blazaball Fire Starter Cage is in its unique design.

The patented model of the Blazaball Fire Starter Cage’s unique design creates a protective barrier for the fire starters that facilitates air to circulate. This is due to the strategically designed air pockets which allow the flow of air to distribute within the fire and prevent suffocation. Because the firelighters are bundled in the Blazaball Fire Starter Cage, they reinforce each other’s effect, and you get maximum performance from your fire starters.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Guaranteed fire with only 2 firelighters!
  • For wood, briquettes, and charcoal!
  • Can be used multiple times!

The Blazaball Fire Stater Cage is a great way to get your fire started in your pizza oven…or use wherever you want to light a fire!

Additional information

Weight 112 g
Dimensions 45 × 120 × 180 mm
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